O’Day 14′ Javelin Daysailer 1973 (FOX)


1973 O’Day 14′ Javelin Daysailer sailboat and a single axle trailer.
This little boat would be perfect for getting your kids and beginners on the water.

Founded by famed Americas Cup sailor and olympic medalist George O’Day. In the beginning George O’Day Associates was only a distributor for several brands of small Sailboats. Some were produced by Fairey Marine of England and Marscot Plastics in the USA. (O’Day took over Marscot in 1958 to build the RHODES 19.) Soon he became involved in producing his own line of boats. Among the most successful projects was in commissioning Uffa Fox to design the DAYSAILER in 1969. Eventually, more than 12000 of these were sold. O’Day sold his company to the conglomerate Bangor Punta (later Lear Siegler) in 1966. For a number of years, O’Day Corp. was the largest producer of sailboats in the US.



Hull Type:  Centerboard Dinghy Rig Type:  Fractional Sloop
LOA:  14.00′ / 4.27m LWL:  13.17′ / 4.01m
Beam:  6.67′ / 2.03m Listed SA:  125 ft2 / 11.61 m2
Draft (max.)  3.83′ / 1.17m Draft (min.)  0.50′ / 0.15m
Displacement:  475 lbs./ 215 kgs. Ballast:  
Sail Area/Disp.1:  32.90 Bal./Disp.:   Disp./Len.:  92.83

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