SUP ATX Paddleboard / SUPATX RAIDER Series – GREEN

$980.00 $558.00

SUP ATX Paddleboard | Model: Journey |
Series: Raider | Length: 10’6″ |
Color: Lime Green

Quick Overview:

The SUP ATX Journey is a performance epoxy board for the price conscious paddler. This model includes all the accessories of boards that sell for twice the price!

  • Board Pricing: $685.00
  • Leash Pricing: $26.00
  • Bag Pricing: $24.00
  • Paddle Pricing: $195.00
  • Total Pricing: $930.00

***Clearance Pricing: $558.00 for the package


The Raider is best for beginners and great to learn on. The board is 10’6″ x 32″ x 4.75″ and 27 lbs. It is a single fin board and has the float capacity of 225lbs. This board features a 2 color EVA foam deck, easy to carry and lockable liftsup handle, forward mounted connex SUP gear plug, vent plug, 4 point cargo area on the tail, and a leash. They are made of EPS foam core and Epoxy. The Paddle is adjustable from 4’6″ to 6’2″ and made from carbon fiber.



Length: 10’6
Board Width: 32 inches
Nose Width: 19 inches
Tail Width: 15 inches
Board Thickness: 4.75 inches
Volume: 180 liters
Board Weight: 27 lbs.
Construction: Hand Shaped 1-lb EPS Foam Core
Glassing: Top: 3x-6oz | Bottom: 2x-6oz.
Deck Traction: EVA memory foam
Fin Length: Single Removable Fin
Other Features: LIFTSUP Handle | CONNEXSUP plug | Vent plug | Leash plug

For more information please contact Terry @ 850-926-BOAT (2628)